Dawning: Thomas Wade :: Prologue

Over the course of my writing I have always wanted outside opinion. So I have decided to post chapters of a new series I want to write throughout these next few months on this blog. The first book is still being worked and this is a work in progress so nothing is final. The final product will be available for purchase, when it is complete and edited, where ever books are sold. But the rough draft aka this will be available for free forever. The prologue is start like all of my prologue’s are, please be rough but don’t make it so I want to kill myself j.k.

Thanks as always, David


The TV flashes with a loud tone. “This is a CNT breaking news update.” The camera pans over the face of a man with a dark expression. He holds a piece of paper in front of face. “It has been over two weeks since we have learned about the disappearance of Mark Tarven, a college student from North Carolina. That search has sadly been called off today, the family recently came out with another statement ‘No words can describe how we feel, but we must accept the reality that we will never probably see our boy again. Of course we all want answers but we fear that finding answers would be worse than not knowing at this point. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us with the search. Please allow our family time for us to go through this process of healing. We all miss him and will never forget him.’ That was statement made by mark’s father. We have been covering…” The TV turns to black.

A groan came from the couch by a  laying sideway on her phone talking to someone. “Looks like we lost another one. Might as well just face it the city was never supposed to found.”

There was a long pause, “I mean can you really be that serious how many more of these people have to go missing before you think that it is time to quit… True they all can’t be rejects and the odds are slowly growing in our favor. This we know didn’t die at least.” The woman twirled her hair excited.

“Yes, there is always a chance for another.” Just then an alarm went a blaze. The tv in front of her turned on and showed a car hopping along the dirt road on the outskirts of the National park. “And think my chance is arriving now.”

The woman hung up the phone and turned the TV off.


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